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UK Visa

The essential requirements for the British Embassy in Jordan to issue UK visa:

For the British Embassy in Jordan to grant you UK visa, you must meet the following conditions: 1-a completed and signed application form, 2-bank statements for the previous 3 months, 3- proof of  work4-an original valid passport , as well as, an older passport, if available. Any Other documents depend on case-by-case. Above all, Our experts will help you, explain all the details and provide you with the best consulting services.

Types of UK Visa:

You can apply for a variety of visas. For example: 1-the embassy issues the Visitor Visa to family members or friends who reside outside of the host country. We recommend applying for this visa when visiting a citizen or permanent resident of the country you are visiting. 3-the Business Visa, for those planning to conduct business in the host country . It is useful for businessmen traveling for meetings in regard to negotiations, sales, and/or research purposes. 4-A student visa: granted for a longer period of study. You must have a confirmed enrollment and be sponsored by a licensed college or institution. This visa may allow you to work.

UK Visa Fees:

Embassy fees per person, may vary from one period to another, according to an official decision issued by the embassy. On the other hand, our office fees may vary depending on the type of visa, country and any additional charges.

TLS Visa Application Centre:

  • Firstly, After providing all of the needed documents, we will schedule an appointment for UK visa applications at the British Embassy  in Jordan.
  •  Secondly, Processing time might take up to 21 days or more, starting from the date of your appointment with the embassy (Biometrics).