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Certified Translation

If you are seeking for a visa, some embassies will require a certified translation of your documents . Our professional translators will translate all you documents according to the embassy’s standards. Among some of the documents we translate, for instance, are the following : Vocational License, Commercial Register, Marriage/Divorce Certificate, Birth/Death certificate, Lease contracts, Family Book, Bank Statements and salary slips, and many more. 

Visajo’s team has also provided other services to meet the demands of all types of travelers to help them go through the visa application process successfully. These services contain not only Certified Translation for visa purposes, but also other necessary documents such as flight bookings, Hotel reservations , and travel insurance. So, whether you want to visit a single country or numerous countries, we can handle all of your hotel reservations, flight booking, travel insurance, and translation of documents, all in one place.

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